Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Short update....

What's new this week:

1) I'm OLD! The big 2-0 was on Monday, didn't do anything too exciting, supper with Laura, and a glass of wine (ok, it was sangria), and then I fell asleep pretty early, in the bathtub! I decided to relax a bit, and take a bath, and I guess I was relaxed enough to just fall asleep. When I woke up the water was, well, less than warm. 

2) CanCun Campbell! AMAZING party! I served the entire night, but I had so much fun and it seemed like everyone else was enjoying themselves too. The clean-up took forever, and there were a few things that hindered the clean up process. We'd had a bubble machine next to the dance floor, which made the floor pretty slippery when someone spilt a drink or something on it. My friend Sue was just standing in the middle of the dance floor, chatting with a few of us, and took one step to get off the dance floor, and ended up on the floor. I think she's fine now, but it was probably pretty painful for her at the time. Someone left frozen vegetables in the freezer on the first floor, so we "borrowed" those to let her ice her knee. Aside from that, I think things ended pretty well. I will post some pictures next time! 

3) GMB, Global Medical Brigades had a little get together on saturday night for everyone who's going down to Honduras next month, a way for all of use to get to know each other outside of the info-meetings. We ended up playing Scatagories and dancing to really old music, like Aqua, and left for the pub close to midnight. It was pretty fun, especially getting to know some of the more shy members of our group. 

We're leaving in just over a month for Honduras, and I am getting pretty excited. There is still lots to be done though. Most of us have had our vaccinations and have filled out the forms the school needs us to, but we've still got to take an international travel exam required by the University, since we're a school group. I've heard from some people it takes a while to get through, but is pretty common-sense based stuff. I will post some more info about the group, what we'll be doing, and maybe when I'm back, some photos and videos of what it was like. 

4) School: School is getting into the swing of things. I am a bit worried about this semester, not because of the work or anything, but I just hope that I can settle down and work a bit more than previous terms. I always start off with the best of intentions and goals, but I don't always end up fulfilling them, or I self-sabotage. We'll see how it goes, I am taking a lot of courses I am really interested in, so that should help. 

5) STILL OLD! Hahaha, I still feel like being 20 is...well, it is odd to wrap my head around it. 

Well that is my update for now, I am sitting in the library and should get some of this reading done, I've got plenty to do. 
Until next time!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Signed the lease!

Emily and I signed the lease and paid our deposits today! We're going to be living in a 2 bedroom place in a big yellow house! I am pretty excited, I have friends who're living there right now, so I'm going to see the place again to take some pictures and a few measurements. 

Thought I would share that exciting news. 

Nighty night. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cancun Campbell!!

Gettin' ready for the party...


This friday is Campbell Hall's annual house party, Cancun Campbell!!! The house is pretty busy trying to get everything ready for the party. We've got a lot of the decorations in the works, and on the wall, and it is only Wednesday night! Last year we were still painting stuff the afternoon before the party. The house Exec has got a good mix of things planned for this party, and are much more organized than last year's. 

I went apartment/house hunting today, with my room mate for next year, Emily. I think we may have found our place! We looked at this cute 2 bedroom place close to campus, has everything we were really looking for. Emily loves nice bathrooms, and I like to cook, and this place (once the stove and fridge are replaced, like the landlord promised,) so we're just waiting to see what Emily's parents have to say, and hopefully we'll sign a lease tomorrow. 

I miss my swim team. I never see any of them anymore. I left the team earlier this year to try and focus on Academics. After the first round of mid-terms it was kind of obvious to me that I needed to spend a bit more time in the Library than in the pool. The down-side, I don't get to see the same 15 people I saw for 3-4 hours a days as much as I did before. I am lucky if I get to see most of them once or twice a day. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to find time during their non-pool hours to catch-up. 

I am off to late-night for a snack before going to bed. I've also got some readings to do before classes tomorrow. I'll try and post again this week, time permitting. 


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to school, and back out in the cold...

Hello All, 

Today was the first day of classes, it started off pretty early for me. After having most of my classes start at 11:30 during the Fall term, 8:30 & 9:30's every morning is going to be a little different. My sleep schedule was pretty odd last term, so perhaps having early classes will fix that. 

A lot of my friends go to their classes on the first day, and they come back half an hour into a two hour class, and they say the professor let them out after reviewing the course outline. Ah! I wish I had these professors, I had two full classes today. I'm not too upset about it though, I enjoyed the ones that I had. My day started off with GENV 2231, Intro to Cultural Geography with Dr. Huff. I had her last term for Human Geography, so I feel good about having her for this class. It looks pretty interesting, and correlates to my other Tues/Thursday class, Linguistics 3011, Language and Society. That also brings everything I've taken thus far at Mt. A, with regards to my major and minors, together. 

Ok, so aside from Academics, this term is going to be an exciting one! I am off to Honduras for reading week in late February! The Global Medical Brigades group on-campus has organized this trip, and there are close to 30 people going. We'll be doing lots of different things, both medical and non-medical in remote villages throughout Honduras. I am pretty excited for this trip, a great cause, and a really good group of people should make for a fun time. 
We had a group meeting tonight, and we had some group-bonding exercises. We laughed a lot, and I finally got to know everybody's names. 

Aside from that, my semester is going to be pretty standard, lots of work and probably a lot more time spent in the library this term than last. 

At the end of this term, I am off to Europe for a while!! More travels! I was accepted into a summer program there for Canadian students! I'll be living and going to school in Norther Germany, in a town called Kassel. My first assignment for the program is to find 6 or 7 places in the town and surrounding area that I would like to visit, and research them a bit. Eventually, I think we'll get to visit most of the places I've heard people talk about. The program fees also include a few trips to cultural hot-spots in Germany, like Berlin! I think it is going to be an amazing experience. 

Classes start on May 7th, so I will be flying into Germany some time the day before, or during the week before to get settled and maybe do some site-seeing. Ahh, so excited. It was a very German-Themed christmas because I got the acceptance e-mail about 2 weeks before christmas. I got a few books in german, some about Germany. But my favorite German themed gift was a Calendar, it has some pretty awesome pictures of so many different places all over Germany. I hope to get to see a few of them while I am there. 

Ok, enough about that. I am off to bed, early classes all this semester! I'll try and post again this week, but it is shaping up to be a busy one. 


Monday, January 5, 2009

Here, we, go!

I'm back!
It is nice being back in Sackville, and back in Campbell Hall. I was getting a bit lonely at home. Compared to living with around 162 other 17-22 year old, when all of my siblings left to go back to their respective homes, living with 2, 58 year olds who are "set in their ways" felt very odd. I love my parents, but I don't think I would be able to live at home for too long again. 

Well, it is the day before classes begin, again. I am all unpacked, with almost all of the right books for the right classes. Now, I just need to make sure I wake up tomorrow for my 8:30 class. To be honest, I think it is going to make for a rough term. Cultural geography, you'll be the death of my bad sleeping habits! 

I just thought I'd let anyone who's interested know I'm back, and the blog postings will be starting up on a regular basis again. Today, I've got a few class schedule and book issues to sort out, so I am off to do those now! 

Till next time!