Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mid-Term Mania!

I wish I could post a longer blog tonight, but I am just Blogcratinating right now (blogging as a means of procrastination).

Two Mid-terms tomorrow. One I am pretty prepared for, the other...less so. Dr. Jordan, go easy on us... please?

We had our first SAC council meeting tonight, it went well, for what was discussed. A lot of councillors are new to their positions, our bylaws and constitution, and rules of order, so I feel as though a lot of them were a bit more timid than they usually are...or will be.
The major point of discussion on the agenda this evening was our Presidential situation. A few talking points were presented as potential options. I really don't know what council is going to decide to do, all I know is I have my one vote in council, and who knows how far that will go.
It made for some interesting albeit occasionally circular discussion.

We transfered power back to Council, from the Executive- we hold power over the summer while there is no elected council, so we can get stuff done and still function as an organization- it was as simple as a motion, a 2nd, and then a vote. No more executive control. It is a bit of a relief. At the same time, kind of disappointing.

Physical Geography and Women/Gender Studies midterms tomorrow... not looking forward to the two of them, back-to-back, and a morning full of meetings just before.

I'll survive to blog again another day.
Back to the books, night!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Home Sweet Gravy

One of the perks to being home- amazing food. My mom makes the best Roast Beef, with gravy that cannot be beat.

I'm going to give this mobile blogging/blog by email thing a try. It seems a bit like Twitter...without the tweeting.

Hope you're having a great thanksgiving weekend! Off to the country tomorrow for the big family dinner, so excited! Food is involved, of course I am!


*Monday, October 12th, 12:28 am: Dinner was amazing, we did a little family photo before hand (see above). It wasn't a large turnout this year, just about 15 of us. Can't wait for Christmas now!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Turkey Time

Thanksgiving, much like Christmas, is a time for the Forestell Family to get together, eat way too much food, see enough of each other until the next major holiday (or Saturday morning at my uncles place in the City Market), and have the perfect excuse for a nap both before and after the meal/event. It's how we roll. There is a set order to which Aunt/Uncle/Cousin hosts which event/dinner. Aunt B does Thanksgiving, at she and Uncle J's cottage. Christmas Eve is our thing, which always works out that we've got a few too many left overs... Now I'm just hungry.

I am happy to be out of Sackville for a few days, it has been getting pretty busy with school and SAC stuff. We're now on week 6 of the Presidential By-Election. We thought we were going to have a president elected by the first few days of October... we've been through 2 different presidential elections -one voided because of balloting errors, and the other the result of the voiding- and we just got the results from the 2nd election. Looks like we're out of luck again. We had enough people vote to make it a valid election, but no one candidate won by the required 50% + 1 vote. We still don't really know what is going to happen, but I'll post an update once I know what's going on. I wish the elections were over, it would make my life a bit easier.

I've got midterms through next week, and a few papers due, so I really hope that the election stuff doesn't get in the way of those. I am enjoying classes now that they are getting into more than just the intro stuff. We've done a lot of outdoor labs for Physical Geography, which has been good...and bad. The day we had our "Soil Lab" was pouring rain. It was honestly the most rain I've seen in Sackville since the Landsdown Field flooded and was a pond for most of campus for a day or two. Conveniently, I had a very important meeting which happened to be scheduled at the same time, inside... not in the rain... I don't think I'll ever live it down from Jess, she was not pleased that I didn't show.

I've been missing bigger cities, and the west coast a bit the past month or so. I think what I really miss is having a regular pay-cheque, ha! Anna Chujunian wrote about the reasons to miss big city life in the Argosy this week, so I'll leave it to her, and to you to read it. I do love Sackville, everyone just has a day or two every once in a while when they want to get out. I think that is commonplace, no matter where you live.

I am excited about next year, I just signed a lease or a house! It is a gorgeous house, pretty close to campus, the grocery store, all the good stuff. And I am living with some pretty wicked people, one of them being my cousin, Hannah.

Ok, pretty long post. But I guess it's been a while. I'll be back on after this weekend, I am going to turn off my computer and blackberry, disconnect for a few days. I think everyone should have a few days a month like that, techno-detox. Thank goodness for digital cable though... oh I miss even having TV in Sackville. I opt'd not to get cable but I am starting to question that decision...

Have a happy Turkey Weekend! To those traveling, safe travels! See you back in Sackville in a few days. To those in Sackville... Go Skydiving or something! I can't wait until I can afford to go again!

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