Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Done, gone home and came back.

Well, the year is over. I'm pretty much done my 2nd year here at Mount A, and could not be happier that the summer has come at last, even if it still isn't as warm as I wish it was. That being said, I am still wearing short and flip flops around every day. 

I've started working, I should be working right now, but I thought I'd take a minute to give you guys an update. I am working for Mount A's summer camps, Go Global, Go Global Canada, and the Explore camps offered through Mount A. I get to work with kids from grades 3-12, from Canada, Saudi Arabia, India and Japan. This week and next we are programming for the activities and stuff we're going to have them do, and the weekend excursions for the International students. I am also in charge of teaching them the Geography/Environmental Science Seminars and organizing the Athletics portion of their camps. I am excited about it. 

I've moved into my apartment and it is nice. I have no furniture, aside from 2 chairs, a table and a Lamp. My bed isn't even in my apartment haha, I am sleeping in my room mate's room until I move it from my friends house. I would love to get a couch at some point too, it is just a matter of moving everything. I don't have a car or a truck, so it makes things tricky... anyway, it will get figured out. 

Since I don't have cable yet, I have been reading a lot lately. I am reading the Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follet. It is pretty interesting so far, I love having time to read for pleasure again. I never have any time during the school year to read things outside of required readings/class texts. 

I'm off to lunch! It is sunny in Sackville today, but it won't last. It has been raining for pretty much the entire week, less Saturday. I'll try and post again this week. Hope everyone's summers are going well!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My new best friend...

Ralph P. Bell and I have become better friends over the past few days. He is full of information, though his connection to the internet isn't always reliable, he always provides me with a nice little place to try and study. R. P. Bell, is the library, and usually I don't like to study in the library, but as it has been an essay heavy exam period, I have been spending a lot more time here. 

My term papers have been in the process of being researched for a few weeks now, but they are really just coming to fruition in the last few days (or hours in some cases hahaha). I should be working on my Cultural Geography paper right now, it is rough-going. I am drawing on a lot of info for it, I think I am being a bit too research oriented for it, but you never know with Dr. Huff. 

I wrote my first exam yesterday, Geography of the Developing World, for Dr. Reiffenstein. I think it went really well, I was happy to have it over with. He gave us several essay topics to prep with, and the ones that I had hoped to be on the exam were, though the multiple choice were a bit tricky and very detail oriented. 

I have 2 exams and 2 papers left to do. I am writing the first of the two essay right now, due at midnight, and the next paper due tomorrow at some point. I've then got to find time to study for my psychology exam on Saturday. This is such a fun week!! hahaha. I did get an email from my great Aunt, Sister Barb (yes, she's a nun) and she said I was in her prayers. I'll take any help at this point!! 

Alright, back to my studies. I'll post more later this weekend, or after Tuesday, when I am DONE! 


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Last class...

I am sitting in my last class of the term right now. Yes, I should be paying attention to Sacha's presentation, but it is too nice out, and I am just not that interested right now... I will wait till Prof. Burnett starts talking about the final. This may be my last class, but I've still got 2 1/2 papers to go, and my exams start on the 15th, with my most difficult one first. 

I'll update you a bit later this weekend, post-last-class-bash. Have a good one! 


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All you've got to do is ask...


I mentioned last time that I was waiting for Sara-Beth Harrison to get a myspace page to post some of her stuff on here. Well, she did! Check her out. Pretty freakin' amazing.