Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Urgent Update!

I forgot to mention this in my last post, but I think it is one of the most notable things to happen in Sackville over the past few months; Jean Coutu now carries Socks and Undies! They are cheap and they saved me from having to do Laundry for a few days...Suzette, you were right.
Thought you all should know.

Happy Equinox! Down with the Leaves!

It is now officially Fall, Autumn, that thing after summer and just before the snow gets here, whatever you want to call it; Summer is over.

School started a few weeks ago, and the assignments and tests are already starting to pop up. Stuff in the SAC office has been steadily busy, with the SACtivities Fair (where all the clubs and societies on campus recruit for 5 hours one sunday afternoon in the same cramped room), Homecoming (which we lost, but it was still fun to go to. I organized the Half Time Show and from what I've heard, I think it went well), and the elections coming up. If you hadn't yet heard, the SAC is holding elections this fall for House Counc. and Off Campus Counc positions on the SAC. We are also holding a Presidential By-Election due to the resignation of our former president-elect, Paul, who did end up back at Mount A this year. It has made for an interesting and somewhat stressful summer/fall. It is very weird being guided by Mike (our Interim-President), but to know at the same time that he's not going to be the one helping us along, and guiding us through the next portion of our terms in office. Mike Currie, a big thanks for all the work, help and guidance over the summer months, and just over the past few weeks I think I've come to value the leadership a lot more. So yeah, Thanks!

There are three people running for the Presidential position; Mayme Lefurgey, Ryan Robski, and Chris Durrant. We had our first round of speeches tonight, which I thought would assuage some of my concerns about several of the candidates, but in all honesty, it seemed to affirm some of them. They are all great candidates, with very different personalities and working dynamics, so it will make for an interesting year regardless of who ends up getting elected. I almost feel bad for them, having to come into an executive committee that has already been working together very closely for nearly 6 months now. It is going to be a difficult transition for both sides, but I am pretty sure the current exec is hoping to make that as easy as possible for whom ever is elected.

Aside from election stuff, not much else is going on right now. I've been back and forth to the doctor because I was an idiot and injured my knee one night just before the first day of classes, but I hope it isn't too serious.

Alrighty, well I think I am all caught up with you guys. I will post some pictures from Orientation events soon, they all went pretty well. Sex with Sue, Mudsliding, the Trews, all pretty awesome events. Shout out to everyone who helped out with Orientation! Good job everyone.

Here is a song that pretty much got everyone through Orientation weeks:

Pictures to come soon!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Welcome and Welcome back!

It seems as though Sackville has gone from the sleepy picturesque place it is during the summer, to a sleepy picturesque place with about 2800 more people in it, and one more pub open now. Residences are full of frosh!

It is nice having people back in town, but what I am enjoying most is classes resuming! A regular schedule is something I missed more than I expected to.

A few weeks ago the SAC exec (All the VPs and President) went on the annual Executive Retreat. We made our way to the French River area, on PEI, where one of our exec members has a cottage. It was pretty nice there and we accomplished everything we'd hope to and had a lot of fun. The only weird thing was that there was a hurricane while we were there, and it got pretty wild right along the coast. It was amazing to see, but really loud when we were trying to sleep. The day after we got back was the beginning of International Orientation.

International Orientation and Orientation went pretty well. It was a really busy time, lots of events that the SAC coordinated and others that we were invited to. The busy time has really begun. Meetings, election stuff, and classes are all underway, so I am juggling a bit...but enjoying it.

That's a bit of a brief update, but I'll post again soon.