Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Late nights, early mornings

Summer time in Sackville, though quieter, is not lacking things to do. I am spending lots of time in the SAC office (student union) getting ready and organizing my year as Vice President Campus Life. I am really excited about it, but at the same time I am nervous about it. I've got a lot of different ideas, a great campus life committee, and I hope that the Byelection we're holding in the fall, to elect a new president goes well.

I've started the planning for our meal exchange events on campus come the fall. I hope to have a few new events this year. We're also in the stages of booking some of the concerts and shows for the fall, which is pretty exciting. Orientation is going to be a pretty awesome event come September.

The kids that have been through our camps this week have been pretty good, there are always a few difficult ones, but we've handled things really well the past few weeks. We've got a few more days of school groups, then we start the planning process for our Go Global Camps, if they end up happening. If you know anyone interested in a summer camp and a bit of exposure to what university life is like check out: Most of the camps are open to 11-17 year olds, with a few exceptions. Check out the site if you think you're interested.

My friend Allie and I are off to Toronto in just over a month to see Coldplay, and we're getting pretty excited. We've been bickering about what their set list is going to be, which song is the best one haha, stupid stuff that is just getting us more and more excited to see them live.
Allie is off to the Amazon this week, which is pretty exciting. This one is for her:

Shinerama events have been starting up, the summer Semi-Formal raised a good chunk of money, a great start to the $20, 000 goal for this year. A few more events are going to be happening on and around campus, when I know more details I'll post them. Mayme is our Shine Co-Ordinator this year, and has some great ideas for events this summer/fall.

Ok, time for me to head home. The internet at my apartment sucks, so I've been stopping into the SAC office to use my computer here more and more lately.

Till next time.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Where does the time go?

Wow. I looked at my calendar today and realized it was the middle of June. My summer break is half-way over... or only just beginning? 

On the go over the next few weeks/month, I've got to work. I am still working for Summer Camps Mount A, I really enjoy working with the students. Most of them are really engaged and get into the activities we do. 

I am set to go to my sister's wedding the first week of July, flying in the 1st, and staying until the 6th. I am also heading up to Toronto to see Coldplay on the 30th of July, and meeting up with a few friends while I am there. Allie Mayberry, a close friend got the tickets, and we're meeting up in Toronto. It is sort of a mid-summer reunion, because she is traveling back from the Amazon, in Peru, where she'll be doing her summer research. I am pretty excited to catch-up with her, and see one of our favorite bands. 

Sackville is slower than I expected, but I am still enjoying it. There is a great crowd of people here, and my travel plans get me out of town enough that I won't go crazy. 

I am at work, need to get back to the kids. 

Post soon.