Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Con Weekend

Hey Guys,

This past weekend was an interesting one. Sleepy summer time Sackville woke up to the return of the, now, graduates, parents, alumni and friends of Mount A. It was like cramming the past years worth of parties and events into one long-weekend. I know it wasn't a long week-end, but Sackville sure seemed shut down on Monday with the exception of Convocation and its receptions. It may have just been that fact that I was inside Convocation Hall from 7am until just before dinner. I was ushering for the day, which was pretty great because I got to see a lot of my friends graduate, and get paid! 

Speaking of getting paid...I should get back to work. Our first campers showed up today, which is pretty exciting. We were pretty nervous and running around covering our last-minute details this morning, but it has been fun so far. 

I am off to do a geography session with some kids from Deer Island, here's hoping it goes well. 

I'll post some more deets about con-weekend later today, it was pretty interesting, and there sure is lots to tell haha.