Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Proficient Procrastination

I have moved beyond the simple methods of procrastination and distractions. I no longer cookcrastinate (cooking to procrastinate). That is a lie, I still do it, but it accompanies other things, such as:

-watching ridiculous Youtube videos, then going to ask my prof for an extension on a final paper, getting the extension, and spend 10 minutes discussing ridiculous youtube videos!

- Facebook creep to an extreme

-Build new Google Maps of Mount A, stealing the photos from the University's website...

-Blog/Vlog/rant online via Blogger, Twitter, and Facebook.

-Enjoy reading Blogs- especially my favourite foodie blog !!

-Watch TV online...

-Try to remember the name of that song I heard at the bar last week and find it on YouTube using fragments of lyrics I vaguely remember, and only because I thought that the pepper-grinder like move was good for something like 'break your heart' or something. I really don't remember the logic behind it.

-Once that song has been found 40 minutes later, listen to 40 different covers of it

- Drift off an start thinking about how I am going to France in 6 days...

- Blog about my unproductiveness...

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