Friday, April 16, 2010

Every place I go...

Well well well. The time has come to pack it in, and say good-bye! For the summer that is, I won't be away from Sackville for too long, just 4 1/2 months.

Here is what the next few days look like:

- Finishing up papers that seem to never want to end. I honestly don't see myself getting these things done until after I leave... Writing essays in Europe? I don't think it'll be very fun, but it'll be necessary.

- Sunday evening: Last drinks at Ducky's! Regardless of if I am done my papers, I have to go out for a drink or two at Ducky's to say goodbye to some people before heading out. This will probably happen from 11-1, we'll see what happens.

- Monday:
- The moving/storage company comes to pick up my stuff, store it, charge me too much money, and then move my stuff into my new place in May. If I didn't have these guys, I don't know where my stuff would end up for the summer... My parents were not too keen on having it in the basement for 4 1/2 months.
- Move out! My landlord will swing by some time before 11am (hopefully, but with Charles, you never know...)
-Drive, long drive home, with whatever is left of my stuff.
-A late lunch with my Aunt, at my Uncle's restaurant and swing by to see the great-aunts and bid them farewell. They would probably disown me if I didn't stop by before going on a trip.

- Pack, pack, pack, pack, pack. I still have to pack all my stuff up, try and fit everything into one suitcase, and when that fails, into two and a carry-on. This will extend into early Tuesday morning, accompanied by food from my favourite chinese food place at home! The Soo Guy is delicious.


- Finish packing. Make sure I have the last minute important things, my work Visa, passport, some cash, and of course Peanut Butter- you can't get peanut butter in France apparently!

- Fly away! Paris bound via a stopover in Toronto for a night, and a quick stop in London.

On top of this stuff... I need to finish these ridiculous papers. I wish I had done more of this work earlier in the term, it just gets so crazy when everything gets really crazy the last three weeks of school. Redbull and diet coke will get me through this.

I will be positing some pictures and updates from France, and I hope to keep you guys in the loop about what I am doing over there!

Stay tuned for updates and info to come about my summer and experiences in France, as an Interpretive Guide at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial!

À bien-tôt!

See you in September Sackville!

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